Fiscal Officer - Michael Spickard

Michael M. Spickard was sworn into the office of Fiscal Officer for Springfield Township on April 1, 2020.

The Township Fiscal Officer is an elected official and is independent of the Township Trustees. The Trustees have the legislative authority in the township and the Fiscal Officer must keep an accurate record of all township accounts and transactions. It is the responsibility of the Fiscal Officer to comply strictly with the legal requirements as set forth in the Ohio Revised Code to establish and practice rules for efficient management of the office and follow good accounting practices in maintaining records and accounts. The Ohio Revised Code states several duties of the Fiscal Officer including, but not limited to:

  1. Keeping accurate records of the proceedings of Township meetings;
  2. Keeping accurate records of all accounts and transactions of the Township fire, road, zoning and administrative departments;
  3. Issuing all purchase orders and warrants/checks for every purchase;
  4. Preparing payroll.

Mr. Spickard can be reached at or (330) 734-4116.