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Fence / Wall Permit




  4. Springfield Township Fence / Wall Permit Application

  5. The following regulations will need to be followed when constructing a fence/wall:

    • The smooth finished side of the fence or wall shall face outward from the lot or yard being fenced toward the neighbor or the street.

    • When erected near a property or lot line, the entire fence and any of its supporting structures or appurtenances shall be contained within the lot or property of the person erecting or having erected said fence/wall.

    • The property owner is responsible for the accuracy of location of property lines.
  6. Please upload your site plan using this file uploader.

  7. Note the fence/wall dimensions:

  8. Please note the distance to fence from property lines, right of way, or center line of road. The property owner is responsible for the accuracy of property line locations.

    Setback measurements from the front, left, right, and rear property lines to the proposed fence. Please indicate where you measured from. Example: 50 feet to center line of road.

  9. The undersigned hereby applies for a zoning permit for the following use as provided on this form. The applicant hereby certifies that all information and attachments to this application are true and correct.

    Please note: This permit shall become void one year from date of approval.

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