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Operation Identification



This is the decal which will be issued to Operation ID participants.


To: Residents of Springfield Township

From: Chief of Police

Dear Resident,


What is Operation Identification?
Operation Identification is a citizen’s burglary prevention, recovery, and suspect apprehension program for use in your homes and businesses. This program involves the marking of property with an identifying number, then the display of the Operation ID sticker(s) so would-be burglars know your property is traceable. When implemented correctly, this program discourages burglary and theft, sometimes by just the presence of the sticker.

How many steps are there to this program?

Three simple steps
1- Mark your valuables with your Ohio Driver’s License Number so that they can be easily traced and identified as yours.
2- List all of your important valuables on the Operation ID Property Form. Record the serial number when one is present.
3- Display a sticker(s) which tells would-be thieves your property has been marked.

Why is Operation Identification so effective?
Marked property is difficult for a burglar or thief to dispose of or re-sell. Marked property is relatively easy to trace back to the rightful owner. Criminals know that if they are caught with marked property, it is solid evidence that the property is stolen. They can then be charged with Receiving Stolen Property.

How do I participate?
Simply call our Community Policing Coordinator, Officer Billie Laurenti at 330-784-1609, ext. 3144 and advise him you wish to participate. We have electric engraving tools that we will loan you. If we do not have any available at the time, you can purchase one at local hardware stores for very little expense.

Once you have an engraver, always use your Driver’s License Number, never your Social Security Number. Also, use your two letter state identifier (OH for Ohio) in front of your license number. An example of how to mark your property would be; “OH123456"

As you mark your items remember to engrave the number somewhere not easily seen. After marking your property, complete the “Operation ID Property Inventory Form” that we provide you. Describe your property in detail, and where it is marked. For items with serial numbers, make sure you record them so we can enter them into a national law enforcement data system (NCIC). For items that can not be marked, we suggest you photograph and/or video tape them. **Do not mark heirlooms that would lose their value if engraved.

Once your property is marked and recorded, display an “Operation Identification” sticker on doors and windows which might be used for entry by criminals. By advertising your participation in the program you are announcing that your valuable property is marked and will be difficult for criminals to re-sell.

Burglary and theft are the most frequently committed crimes in the United States. By taking part in Operation Identification you are taking an important step in protecting your possessions!

For information please contact our Community Policing Coordinator Officer Billie Laurenti at 330-784-1609, ext. 3144.

Police Department Operation ID Form



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