Lake Erie and the Ohio River Start in Your Summit County Backyard

           Plant Native Plants for Stormwater Quality in Our Watersheds!

     You can help restore Ohio’s native vegetation, and improve the water quality and health of our lakes and streams by including a Native Plant Garden as part of your landscaping plan.

      The Summit Soil and Water Conservation District is offering several different types of native plant kits for sale this spring, in 2017.   Each kit contains 50 native plant plugs and costs $125.00.  There are 7 types of kits available, with 10 varieties of native plants in each kit.     

      non-profit organization that protects wildlife through the conservation of   
pollinators such as bees and other invertebrates, and their habitats. To find
out more about the Society, go to

      Summit SWCD will accept orders for the native plants anytime up until March 2, 2017. Payment must accompany the order.  We are unable to accept credit cards. If you are paying in cash, please bring the correct amount to our office.  Please do not mail cash.  No need to pick your plant kit up!  The native plant kits will be shipped to individual addresses, with deliveries beginning in mid-May 2017.   There is no additional charge for shipping. Please click below to view and print an order form.


If you are considering installing a Rain Garden, you should know that raingardens are a beautiful addition to any lot and will provide curb appeal and other multiple benefits.  During a rainstorm event, rain gardens help to reduce flooding problems by collecting and slowing down water, allowing the water to infiltrate slowly, over a 24-48 hour period.  A rain garden collecting runoff from a 1,000 square foot roof area In Summit County can filter over 19,000 gallons of rainwater annually.  Rain gardens also help to control erosion and sediment loss because native plants have extremely long roots, some up to fifteen feet long, that hold the soil in place and filter out pollutants.  
If you are not ready to add a raingarden to your landscaping program just yet, you should know that all Native plants are not only beautiful, but they are accustomed to the climate in Northeast Ohio. Once established, they require little maintenance. These plants provide habitat for beneficial native insects and other wildlife, and do not need pesticides or herbicides.  For example, Native plants such as Tickseed have beautiful yellow flowers and provide homes and food for several species of bees and moths.   Prairie Clover provides the food source for the Dogface butterfly larvae, and Butterfly Milkweed provides larval food for the Queen and Monarch butterflies, bees, moths, and other butterflies.  
In addition, Native plants require little or no fertilizer because they thrive in local soil conditions so you will not only save money on chemical applications, but you will be improving storm water quality by keeping extra nutrients and pollutants out of our waterways.  
For more information, contact the Summit SWCD office at (330) 926-2452.    Happy Planting!