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The Springfield Township Highway Maintenance Department has four full-time snow plow drivers with approximately 140 lane miles of roads to plow and salt. The township is divided into four districts. Each driver is responsible for clearing snow and ice for nearly 35 lane miles of road. Since it is very difficult to maneuver large equipment on some of the area roads, we request that residents not park on the roads during snow removal. Also, please keep a safe distance from the trucks so that drivers can see you in their mirrors.

We urge you once again to keep drainage ditches free of leaves and debris. After heavy rains, the leaves accumulate plugging driveway pipes, crossovers, catch basins, etc., and reducing drainage under roads. Without proper drainage, the sub-base deteriorates, creating potholes and ultimately costs you, the taxpayer, money to remedy the situation. So please do your part to help eliminate problems before they occur.

ROADSIDE DITCHES The Highway Maintenance Department has received numerous calls about enclosing roadside ditches. At the present time we are NOT permitting any roadside ditches to be enclosed. There are several reasons for this decision:


1. Storm Water Management - If we were to pipe all of the ditches in Springfield Township, there would be considerable downstream flooding. Currently our roadside ditches retain water and release slowly.

2.Clean Water Act - The glass of water you drink today may be the same glass your great-grandchildren will drink. This sounds impossible, but we only have so much fresh water on this planet. Piping water directly off of roads into rivers gives water no chance of purifying itself.

3. Sub-Base Drainage - This is probably the most important to the township. For the simple reason that it saves the taxpayer money. Township roads are designed with ditches to drain any water that gets under the pavement. When water is trapped under a pavement, it softens the sub-base creating pavement failure. Also, water freezes in the winter and creates potholes.

Recently the Highway Maintenance Department has received many calls concerning maintenance of SR224 and some of the county roads. In Springfield Township there are three government entities that maintain the highway system:

1. State -ODOT maintains SR241, SR224, and a short section of Canton Road north of SR224.

2. Summit County - Engineer maintains Albrecht, East Waterloo, Canton Road south of SR224, Sanitarium, Killian, Krumroy, Myersville, Pressler, Mayfair, Pickle, and Arlington.

3. Township - Springfield Township maintains all remaining dedicated streets.

The easiest way to tell that it is not a township road is that if the road has been striped (with the exception of Lake Road) it is not a township highway.

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)



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