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How Do I? - Answers

Can I rent the Lakefront Center, Gazebo, or Pavilion for a special event?
Yes, contact the Lakefront Center at 330-733-2556.

What natural gas aggregation program is the township part of?
We are part of the Summit County Natural Gas Aggregation Program. If you are NOT in the program and want to participate, please call NOPEC at 1-855-667-3201. There is no cancellation fee applicable. The Township does not administer the program.

Who is my councilman?
The township is governed by a three-member Board of Trustees, not a council as cities are. Each trustee serves the entire township.

Is there an income tax in Springfield Township?
Townships, by law, cannot levy income taxes; however, in 1994 township residents voted to enter into a Joint Economic Development District (known as JEDD) agreement with the City of Akron. Akron agreed to install new water and sewer lines to designated areas to help economic development in the township and increase the township’s property tax base, and to refrain from any further annexation procedures in the township. The City of Akron, in return, receives income taxes from those businesses in the JEDD areas; employees working in those businesses pay a 2.50% income tax to the City of Akron.

Does the township provide trash pick-up?
No. Reidents may contract with a hauler of their choice. See your telephone directory Yellow Pages for listings of haulers under “Rubbish and Garbage Disposal.”

What about yard wastes?
We do not “contract” with anyone. Currently EarthNWood accepst tree trimmings and branches for free.  However, they are charging $10 per load. Currently Woodland Mulch at 2194 E. Waterloo Road (call 330-784-1771 for current hours of operation) accepts leaves and tree trimmings free of charge.

What company provides cable service in the township?
Time Warner Cable - Township programming viewed locally on Channel 15. The Station Manager is Frank Chenoweth who is a member of the Springfield/Lakemore Local Cable Communications Board and can be contacted at the high school at 330-798-1079. The Township does not have control the scheduling; this is handled by the Station Manager.

Who do I call regarding my water/sewer bill?
The Summit County Department of Environmental Services at 330-926-2400.

Do I need a launch permit to fish/boat on Springfield Lake?
Yes. If VASP is not at the launch, there is an honor box to pay for a daily launch permit.

How do I reserve the pavilions at Springfield Lake?
The pavilions are available on a “first come, first served” basis. To reserve call (330) 733-2556.

Do I need a permit for a garage, fence, storage shed, swimming pool, etc?
Any new construction or alterations to existing structures require a zoning permit prior to obtaining a building permit from the Summit County Building Department. Call the Zoning Dept. at 330-794-0134 for information for requirements in obtaining a zoning permit.

Do I need a permit for roofing, siding, windows, and doors?
Although zoning permits are not issued for these improvements, building permits from Summit County Building Department are required. Call the Building Department at 330-630-7280 for further information.

Can I purchase a copy of the Zoning Resolution and Zoning Map?
Copies of the Zoning Resolution may be purchased for $15.00 each; maps are free. Contact the Zoning Dept. for availability. We also sell the Zoning Resolution on CD for $1.00.

How do I dispose of hazardous wastes?
The Summit/Akron Solid Waste Management Authority provides a drop off location on Graham Road during the summer months. Call 330-374-0383 for dates and times.

Who do I call regarding road maintenance?
The township is comprised of roads that fall under the jurisdiction of three separate government entities:
State - ODOT maintains SR241 (Massillon Rd.), SR224 (Waterloo Rd.), and a short section of Canton Rd. north of 224 (330-297-0801)
Summit County Engineer maintains Albrecht, East Waterloo, Canton Rd. south of SR224, Sanitarium, Killian, Krumroy, Myersville, Pressler, Mayfair, Pickle, and Arlington. All striped roads (exception: Lake Road) are maintained by the County.
Springfield Township maintains all remaining dedicated streets. (330-733-3213)

When is the next Board of Trustees meeting? Do I need to obtain prior permission to speak?
The Board of Trustee sets their schedule at the beginning of the year although special meetings and changes may be made as the need arises. A time for public comment is held at every meeting. Access to their meeting schedule is on this website.

I received a letter notifying me of a Board of Zoning Appeals meeting concerning my neighbor’s planned construction of a garage. Am I required to attend?
When a Zoning variance is requested, letters are sent to all adjoining property owners
Notifying them of the planned construction. The Board of Zoning Appeals will take public comment at the meeting; attendance is not required.

I have animals (raccoons, bats, etc.) that have taken up residence on my property. Does the township provide animal control?
The township does not have an animal control department. Residents are urged to contact
a private trapper.

There is a dead animal on the road...who do I call?
If it is a township-maintained road, call the Highway Dept. at 330-733-3213. If it is a county road, contact the County Engineer’s Office 330-643-2839, or if a State highway, contact ODOT.

My neighbor is burning leaves, etc. Is open burning permitted?
No, State law prohibits open burning for waste disposal. See the link on this site for more information.

Where can I apply for a position with the township?
When a job opening is announced, the position is advertised in either the Akron Beacon Journal or The Suburbanite and is posted at township departments. Applications are available at the Town Hall, or downloaded from this site.

Who do I contact regarding culvert replacement?
Ted Weinsheimer, Highway Supt., can be contacted at 330-733-3213 for information. Installation of new driveways entering township maintained roadways require a Road Opening Permit ($25.00). All concrete driveways must stop at the road right-of-way.

Can I fill in the ditch at the edge of my property?
No, the Board of Trustees has adopted the policy of not enclosing roadside ditches due to storm water management.

Who do I call regarding installation/maintenance of township road signs?
Contact Highway Supt. Ted Weinsheimer at 330-733-3213.

Who do I call to enroll my child in Springfield Schools?
Contact the Springfield Schools Administrative Offices at 330-798-1111

Does the township provide property surveys? I believe my neighbor is encroaching on my property.
No, the township does not survey private properties. The homeowner is responsible for contracting with a surveyor for this service, if needed. Any conflict regarding private property concerns is a civil matter and legal counsel should be sought.

Does the township enforce property maintenance?
If a structure is being neglected to the point of being declared a public nuisance, the Board of Trustees are authorized to begin nuisance abatement procedures. If the structure presents a health hazard, the Summit County Health Department should be consulted (330-923-4891).
When a property is not being mowed, a complaint should be registered with the Zoning Dept. (330-794-0134) so that notification to the homeowner will be made. If the homeowner neglects to take care of the problem, the township will have the lot mowed and assess the property owner for the costs incurred.

Who do I call regarding “junk” vehicles on a property?
Contact the Zoning Dept. at 330-794-0134 to report any unlicensed “junk” vehicles.

What are the regulations on holding a Garage Sale?
Garage sales are permitted; Contact the Zoning Dept. At 330-794-0134 for regulations as to how many can be held annually and sign regulations.


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