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TAKE A STAND!! Join a “Neighborhood Watch”

A message from the Chief

Hello neighbor!! Are you concerned with keeping your community safe? How about improving the safety of your own neighborhood? If you answer is anything other than a resounding “yes,” who should or will be concerned?

The reality is that no one knows your neighborhood better than you. No police department has the resources to put officers in your neighborhood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We believe that “community commitment” is the most effective and efficient way to improve services and still control the cost of that service. My definition of the phrase “community commitment” involves a two-part commitment, the police and the residents we serve. It is our responsibility to work as a team, to increase our “eyes and ears” by using the people who are in your neighborhood 24/7, you! We are counting on you to get involved with the safety of your neighborhood.

Please understand that criminals feed on fear, isolation, and lack of communication. They want you to fear retaliation from them. They want you to feel alone and isolated in your neighborhood. This is all in order to create the lack of communication between you and law enforcement. Criminals are counting on you NOT getting involved!! Always remember, there is strength in numbers!

Neighborhood watch groups work! They forge a bond between neighbors and police. All of a sudden you are not alone, you have a team of neighbors. At the same time you form a bond with officers, getting to know and trust them. The goal is that we all feel comfortable with each other. If you are comfortable with your neighbors and your police, the communication increases and information flows freely. This creates the worst possible environment for criminals to thrive in. Watch groups also build community pride. They springboard residents into addressing other quality of life issues that may not be police related matters, such as recreation for youths, childcare, housing concerns, and even the aesthetics of your neighborhood.

Springfield is no exception; every neighborhood is unique and has its own personality. What works in one area may not work in another. When starting or joining a neighborhood watch group be creative! Please get involved. Unsure if your neighborhood already has a group? Want information on how to form one? Please contact our Community Policing Coordinator, Officer Billie Laurenti, at 330-784-1609, ext. 3144. You may also visit our website at click on safety forces, then police. Search our site for tips and information.

In closing, I would like you all to know my personal dedication to this community. This is not just my job this is my community. I attended grade school here (Young School), and graduated from Springfield High School. I started my police career here in 1989, and look forward to ending it here. Please join me in helping to keep our community safe.

Thank you,


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